Programs > On the Move: Group Exercise for Improved Mobility in Older Adults

On The Move: Group Exercise for Improved Mobility in Older Adults is designed to improve walking by using high repetition of stepping and walking patterns with the goal of improving steadiness and reducing shuffling, which sometimes happens with age. This program includes activities that challenge the brain to match the stepping and timing of walking with posture, so participants often feel more coordinated, stable and steady on their feet. It is recommended and approved as an evidence-based program by the National Council on Aging and meets Administration for Community Living/Administration on Aging criteria for being an evidence-based disease prevention and health promotion program. 


  • Small group exercise class led by a certified instructor 
  • Approximately 50 minutes per session 
  • 2 sessions per week for 12 weeks 
  • Warm-up, stepping patterns, walking patterns, strengthening exercises and cool-down exercises during every session 


  • Community settings such as senior centers, community centers or a local medical facility 


  • This intervention is recommended for older adults looking to improve the steadiness of their walking. 
  • It is preferred for older adults who are medically stable and can walk household distances independently. 
  • Older adults who walk with or without a cane are welcome.