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Otago is facilitated by a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant in the clinical or home setting. It consists of two phases – the clinical phase and the self-management phase. The first phase is led by the physical therapist or assistant; the second phase transitions into a four to 10-month period of self-care. During the self-care phase, the program participant continues practicing the exercises learned in phase one, without led instruction.


  • A one-on-one class
  • Includes two phases
  • Phase 1 runs 8 weeks in a clinic with the physical therapist or physical therapy assistant
  • Phase 2 runs for 4 to 10 months in the home as self-care


  • At a medical facility or in the older adult’s home


  • This intervention is recommended for older adults at the highest level of fall risk
  • Older adults who are home-bound, disabled or dependent on a wheelchair or walker are recommended to talk to their doctor or contact a listed medical facility to enroll in the physical therapy intervention.

If you are concerned about falling, ask your physician if you qualify for physical therapy with Otago. This may be covered by your health insurance.